• Mission Field: South Africa
Prayer Letter

God called Steven to be a missionary in the summer of 2005 at a teen camp. It took a while for him to find a sure peace about where God would have him go, but by his senior year of high school he knew without a doubt God was calling him to South Africa. He then studied Missions at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California from which he graduated in May 2013. During his time in college he met his wife, Vanessa, and they were married June 7, 2013. It is the Borror's goal to establish churches for the purpose of providing believers with a place to serve and worship the Lord. These churches will be the conduit for the training of national men to become pastors and church leaders. Through the effort of seeing churches established, they endeavor to see the Gospel spread, not only throughout South Africa, but to the whole continent and even the uttermost parts of the world.