• Mission Field: Church Planting U.S.
Prayer Letter


"I was raised in a Baptist preacher’s home. My father is a missionary pilot. I grew up in Paraguay, S. America. I made a profession of faith at a very early age. I wrestled with that decision throughout my childhood and adolescent years. I prayed many times to be saved again during those years, but nothing ever changed. When I left home, I joined the military and lived the life that goes along with it. Through providential circumstances, due mostly to the prayers of my parents, the Lord got my attention and got me back in church. God used scripture to call me into the ministry. I began bible college and in my first semester, I was sitting in a church service. I became acutely aware of my lost condition through the Holy Spirit’s conviction. I fought it still, but surrendered a few days later to Christ and received Him as my personal Saviour. I have not had doubts since.While finishing Bible college, God again used scripture to call me into evangelism. I was led specifically to start churches in the US as an evangelist. We will be pioneering and planting churches wherever God leads us until He calls me home or changes my direction."      ~ Glen Fogg