Mike and Becky patterson are one of our many missionaries serving in Mexico. They have a long history in starting new churches and reaching the people of Mexico. Mike Patterson and his wife have served in Tlalhuapan, Morelos working in a church already founded by Dr. Ralph McCoy and served for 18 months during language study. He served eight years in Tepoztlan, coordinated three building programs, and founded a Bible institute. The first graduate became pastor and has started 18 other missions and preaching points. Mike started Mount Abarim Baptist Church in 1984 (Now the largest Baptist church in the state), 6 missions, 2 satellite churches, and founded Mount Abarim Baptist Institute & MK School. He has been active in Latin American Sword of the Lord Conferences for 12 years. 

“Anything good that has happened in our ministry the Lord has done and to Him be the glory. The myriad of mistakes, shortcomings, and failures are all mine.” ~M. Patterson